Use Of Granite

General purpose

Granite Unique physical characteristics plus its beautiful pattern makes him a good building material, known as "The King of Rocks," said, there are people with one view, two, three listen, four test to evaluate good or bad. In the building, granite can be used from the roof to the floor, the sidewalk is also, if crushed it can be made into cement or rock fill dam. Many places or objects that need to withstand weather or need to endure are made of granite. Like the Taipei "Chiang Kai-shek Memorial" brand and Beijing Tian ' an people's heroes are granite. The famous Egyptian pyramids attest to the fact that granite has been a perennial feature of the millennia.

The granite structure is homogeneous, the texture is hard, the color is beautiful, is the high quality building stone. The compressive strength varies according to the variety and origin of the stone, about 1000-3000 kg/flat method cm. Granite is not easy to weathering, beautiful color, the appearance of color can be maintained for more than a century, because of its high hardness, wear-resistant, in addition to being used as advanced building decoration Engineering, Hall surface, or the first choice of open-air carving materials.

Commercial use

Commercial granite includes granite, gneiss, granite, granitic schist and what scholars call the rock of the feldspar, granitic diorite in the meantime. The rocks of gneiss include mineral composition, similar granite and the organizer of granular crystallization. Commercial granite also includes other similar tissues, feldspar crystals with a small number of accessory minerals, mainly for decorative purposes, such as calcium plagioclase, which is called by rock scholars. Gneiss is a coarse-grained crystalline rock, mainly composed of silicate minerals, which are inlaid and granular crystalline structure, not homogeneous minerals by rules or irregular, interactive arrangement. According to the American Association of Materials testing, granite is divided into common granite and black granite. Ordinary granite by quartz, feldspar, marble and other components, and because of the non-ferrous minerals and black or dark green, the whole is often affected by the long stone color. Black granite dark green or Black rock, from Plagioclase, amphibole, olivine, such as rock formation, so black granite is divided into dirt rock, diabase, basalt and other three kinds.