The Future Of The Stone Industry

The stone industry will become hotter and more popular in the future. It now appears that many high-end residential areas, clubs, and public buildings are all using natural stone as their outer walls. This demand will only increase dramatically and will not decrease because people’s aesthetic concepts are also changing in developed countries (such as Japan. ) Natural stone is used in large quantities, pavements, kerbs, escalators, and so on. Nowadays good domestic stone processing companies are exporting. Most of the good stones are also sold abroad. Domestic builders\develop In order to save costs, some communities use paints and imitation stone paints. The durability of these chemical materials is very poor. In a few years, they will fade and fall off. The later maintenance/maintenance costs are very high. If you use natural stone, these problems are Can be avoided. Do not know whether you ask the stone rough processing or fine processing, that is to say, processing of block materials or to do the finished board, and now the domestic external wall technology or stone dry hanging, dry hanging due to the weight of the stairs is too large, not suitable for high-rise, if you use With ultra-thin stone, these problems can be solved. Therefore, the demand for stone will become larger and larger, especially the ultra-thin stone that is finely processed.