The Cause Of Granite Formation

Granite and basalt belong to igneous rock, unlike magma eruption, granite is the underground part, formed under high pressure, the texture is more rigorous than the basalt formed after the surface is sprayed, so it is very hard. Mt. Huangshan was formed after the Earth's crust changed. When the granite is exposed to the surface and is in a strong rise, the flow of water along the vertical joint fissure cut, forming pillars or gufeng, pillars, Gufeng plexus integrated into the peak forest, such as the Huangshan come. Granite Peak Forest appears extremely magnificent. such as Huangshan cutting depth of 500-1000 meters, to form a height of more than a kilometer of more than 70 mountains.

When the flowing water along the granite body near the vertical shear fissure scouring down cut, forming a near-vertical gully, ravines more and more deep, forming two wall clamp, upward look at the blue sky such as a line, this is a first-line day. Granite is not easy to dissolve the rock, so it can not form in the limestone area common cave. However, the rain along the granite body fracture erosion, fracture on the rock block collapse, can form irregular heap hole. In addition, the stone Egg landform development area, the gap between the stone egg can also form the grotto. such as the Yellow Mountain of the curtain Cave, Lotus hole, ao fish hole. "The ancient mountain gathers the spring", the spring is the granite mountainous area important tourist landscape. such as Huangshan's hot springs and Lishan hot springs. Granite generally contains a very small amount of radioactive elements. Therefore, the spring water outflow from the granite generally contains a small amount of harmful radioactive radon gas, these springs can drink bath, is not only an important tourist resources, but also a valuable resource. Most of the granite landforms in China appear in the eastern area with abundant rainfall and high water, so there are waterfalls in the mountainous areas of Granite Peak forest landform development or more development. such as the people of Huangshan waterfall, hundred Zhang Spring.