Seven Characteristics Of Green Granite

(1) Stable quality: Gangshi's special manufacturing process and international leading technology level make its products have stable and reliable quality assurance. Compared with ceramic tiles, granite has many advantages such as refurbished, large size and flatness. Our square-formed granite products have the advantages of special-shaped processing and higher compactness.

(2) Small color difference: Due to the centralized compounding process in the synthesis process, the problem of chromatic aberration that can be solved in the process of natural stone decoration is completely solved, and the large area color difference is small, the appearance color pattern is uniform, and the overall decoration effect is good. Features, especially suitable for large-scale paving in large projects. The Delon Gangshi series products are suitable for large-scale decoration of hotels, hotels, shopping malls, airports, stations, subways, etc., and are also ideal materials for family room decoration and craft furniture production.

(3) High strength: all cracks and cracks are eliminated during the production process of the granite, which makes it safer in the paving process; the high-strength treatment and advanced molding process strengthen the strength of the granite (partial strength is high) In the same type of natural stone), the original natural stone that needs more than 20 mm can now have a strength of 12 mm. The performance index of 139 stone net meets the artificial stone export industry standard SN/T0308-93. The polishing and waxing of the granite products before leaving the factory and the regular maintenance after use will greatly delay the aging process. Practice has confirmed that due to the high initial strength of the granite, the strength of the granite is still more than 80Mpa after more than 1/3 of its strength after more than ten years. The color retention rate is better than that of the natural marble constructed during the same period, which fully meets the needs of use.

(4) No radiation: Due to the strict screening of the stone on the material selection, the radioactive elements contained in the stone are almost completely removed. The granite products are in full compliance with the requirements for Class A decorative materials of the GB6566-2001 standard for building civil safety standards for building materials.

(5) Light weight: The weight is lighter than the equivalent natural marble 109, in line with the requirements of the Ministry of Construction of China on the building load-bearing standards.

(6) Complete varieties and bright colors: shells, glass, lenses, mosaics, etc. can be used as embellishment materials; the variety is complete and complete, and can also be manufactured according to customer requirements and required colors. Users or designs can be based on their own personality and The style is chosen for the variety of colors, and the unique decorative effect is interpreted.

(7) Easy cutting and simple installation method: Due to the precise size and thickness, it can be paved by conventional methods, such as keel paving, gluing, cement paving, cement bonding, etc. The simple installation method and flexible paving method are another powerful advantage of Gangshi.