Pengxiang Stone City 500 Meters Stone Cultural Corridor Bright

Located in Pengxiang Stone City in the Binhai Industrial Zone, there is a 500-meter stone cultural corridor. This gallery is lit all day long, and even at night, it is brightly lit. The promenade is not an ordinary slab, but a carefully selected landscape painting and a wall of extravagant stone. It walks into the gallery and is beautiful, as if it were mistaken into the fairyland.

    “Every wall here has a very high collection value and aesthetic value, and each one is unique.” Yao Changgui, general manager of Pengxiang Stone City told reporters that nowadays, building a beautiful market is no longer common. The matter, how to make the market a sight that people are lingering, is the goal of the market in the market competition.

    500m promenade presents the wall art

    A few days ago, the reporter came to Pengxiang Stone City. Under the leadership of Yao Changgui, he observed the Pengxiang landscape painting and the luxury stone background corridor.

    For Yao Changgui, every piece of work here is like a few treasures. “I have to go shopping in the market no less than ten times a day, so that I can communicate with the merchants and master the products of the entire market in time to cope with the unpredictable market environment.”

    Yao Changgui said that every piece of the cultural corridor has a different beauty. If you appreciate it, I am afraid that it will not be completed in half an hour.

    “This cultural corridor consists of more than 70 small spaces, each of which is six or seven meters wide. There are more than 500 meters in length.” Yao Changgui said that this cultural corridor is different from the ordinary big plate market. It is designed by the market side and all are equipped with lights. Merchants can display them as long as they are loaded with large boards.

    Why would you consider opening such a gallery? Yao Changgui said frankly that this is what the market has already thought about at the beginning of the planning. “At the beginning of the planning, we considered building such a corridor for buyers to see the scenery and the corridors that are closed. Now the concept has finally landed.”

    Yao Changgui added that Pengxiang Stone City has been open for several years. It is the best time to choose to launch the stone culture corridor at this time.

    "In the previous stone market, everyone was selling ordinary editions and engineering sales boards. It is rare to hear that there is a special selling culture stone or background wall in which market. But in the past two years, with the continuous advancement of the home improvement market The growing popularity of 'backing' culture in modern homes has led to the fact that today, regardless of city or country, almost every home has two background walls, one is 'TV background wall' and the other is 'sofa background wall'. It has also evolved from paint to the stone culture wall that pursues nature.” Yao Changgui said that the market exists in dependence on demand. Since there is a demand for the wall, why can't the market open such a special zone?

    Create a mini showroom with one space and one space

    As for the design of a grid wall, Yao Changgui admits that although the background wall is very hot at this stage, it is not a product that is used in a large area. It will not be sold like a big board, so it will be sold to the merchants. Space is also a waste. “For the merchants, one grid is the most suitable. One grid can have a background of three or four plates. The product has the biggest display and no space.”

    In the planning of the wall culture corridor, each space here can also be the exclusive brand showroom of the merchants. Merchants can not only display background plates, but also display the effects of the application. Yao Changgui told reporters that in these small lattice spaces, not only the stone, but also the bathroom, sofa fabric and other living soft furnishings, so that consumers can more intuitively see the use of the background wall.

    Yao Changgui said that if this attempt is successful, it also means that the market has to change from selling products to selling applications. "From the current sales, this model is worth continuing to promote."

    “I believe that with the advent of the 'fine decoration' era, the demand for the wall will become more and more common, and the cultural background or the new and unique background wall will become 'Xiangxiang'.” Yao Changgui added, for For merchants, it is possible to find a showroom in a market with a large flow of people, which will greatly benefit their sales.

    As the first merchants to enter the Cultural Corridor, Lv Lijun, the owner of Pengxiong, who is mainly engaged in Rainbow Jade, admits that for small and medium-sized enterprises, building a showroom outside is a big expense, not to mention the current watershed. Ingot gold, it is not easy to find a place with a large personal flow. The model of the cultural corridor built by Peng Xiang just coincided with his original intention, and he became the first merchant.

    "These traditional markets have accumulated a lot of customers, and they have brought a lot of people to our newcomers. It can be said that 'there is a good cool under the big tree'." Mr. Wang, who recently entered the gallery, talked about the stone culture corridor. Full of confidence.