Marble Mosaic Bonding Points

First of all: to clean the fracture surface of the stone, so as not to leave dust and particles, to keep the fracture surface dry, but not to have moisture, if necessary, use a high-pressure air pump for air pressure cleaning, remove the moving pieces, then Apply adhesive to the fracture surface, apply evenly and not too thick, then immediately butt and squeeze tightly. The adhesive is slightly spilled.

Note that the plate must be cleaned first and then glued. Otherwise, the glue may be discarded. For thick plates of 2cm or more, vertical bonding should be the best effect. After sticking, the stone is vertically erected. The self-weight of the stone itself can be used to make the stone.

When bonding, the upper plate can be tapped with a wooden hammer or a rubber hammer, and the pressure is applied slightly to make the seam as small as possible. For a 1cm thick sheet, it is better to flatten the paper and spread the paper on a flat platform. , put the stone to be bonded, put it on the broken surface, and immediately tighten the joint. After the gel is hardened, the next step can be carried out.

For other stone bonding, such as stone crafts, stone furniture, shaped stone is also such a procedure. The arc panel is made of vertical adhesion, and the flower lines are made of flat glue. All the bonding should be as small as possible in the bonding seam, which not only achieves the best bonding effect, but also does not affect the aesthetic appearance.

The bonding of parquet marble must be flat. First, put paper on the platform, preferably oil paper. This is not easy to stick, then flatten the fiberglass mesh, pre-splicing the mosaic, and coating a piece of glue. One piece, based on the square ruler and the ruler, glue one by one and squeeze one by one, usually the bottom of the plate is facing down until all the bonding is completed.

After drying, some mosaics can be evenly coated with a layer of glue on the back side of the bonded mosaic, which can be evenly coated with a brush to greatly enhance the firmness of the mosaic. Of course, the imitation of the method of mosaic, stone with more cracks can be used to enhance the strength of the stone with the method of back reinforcement. Nowadays, many stone production lines have added a process of attaching glass fiber reinforced nets after polishing, the purpose of which is to increase the strength of the stone.