Main Requirements For Natural Granite Blocks

Building Material Industry Standard (jc-204-92) the main requirements for natural granite blocks are as follows:

The waste material must have a right angle parallelepiped shape. The large surface of the waste material should be parallel to the jointed surface or pattern of the rock.

The size of the waste material requires a length greater than or equal to 140cm, a width greater than or equal to 60cm, a height greater than or equal to 60cm.

Appearance quality requirements with a batch of blocks of color, pattern, grain structure should be basically consistent. The quality requirement of the shortage angle, the lack of ribs, the crack, the color line and the color spot should conform to the requirements of table 4.24.6.

Physical performance requirements: density is not less than 2.50g/cm3, water absorption rate is not greater than 1%, drying compression strength is not less than 60.0MPa, bending strength is not less than 8.0MPa.