Italian Carrara White And Jazz White Are All Natural Marble

Italian Carrara White and Jazz White are all natural marble. The source of the Carrara White Mine is Carrara, Italy. The Jazz White is Greek. It can be used in interior decoration. The radiation is lower than ceramic tiles. CCTV News has officially reported about marble radiation. Rumors that the tests are all lower than the ceramic tiles on the market. The detection of all marbles for decades has proved that the micro-radiation of marble is very low and completely harmless to the human body. The detection of marble radiation has been exempted by the State, and the United States and the European Union of Architectural Facing Materials Association also Passed. The relatively high radiation of granite in natural stone is widely used in building high-rise walls, parks, plazas, etc. It is basically not enough to cause radiation harm to the human body. Official dividing line: -------------- need to be reminded that the poor quality of the tiles, artificial stone may be due to the production and processing of residual radioactive materials have not necessarily insurance. Then there is said that some large brightly colored purple and green granite class may be relatively higher radiation, as is now frequently used in tens of thousands of a film and television wall backdrop like there are a lot like Brazil and other imports to the granite is not recommended , it is recommended to use light-colored marble like doing backdrop of parquet and other design patterns.