G20 Summit Hangzhou Guobo Uses Natural Stone To Stunning The World

Natural stone, pure natural is its height, is its value, obeying nature is a spiritual totem, enough to create a new stone generation in the industry. Hangzhou Guobo applied stone laying, which itself is a kind of height, a pattern, its magnificent momentum has given the soul of stone art, and the natural beauty of stone has also sublimated its beauty.

With the changes of the times, the improvement of human aesthetic taste and the pursuit of uniqueness, stone is favored for its natural attributes.

First, noble and elegant: the stone has the characteristics of noble and elegant, bright and crystal, hard and permanent, and different stones have different beauty. All kinds of public and high-rise buildings are all decorated with stone to improve the "grade".

Second, unique and diverse: stone is a unique building material, with irreplaceable material characteristics, its own texture is not comparable to any other synthetic materials, composite materials.

Third, comfortable and energy-saving: stone has good thermal conductivity and high heat storage capacity, warm in winter and cool in summer, which is conducive to energy saving.

Fourth, beautiful and durable: stone has the characteristics of durability, beauty, easy to clean, acid rain, etc. As a building material, it is an ideal material.

5. Suitable for modeling: Stone is a three-dimensional building material. In addition to square plates and block stones, natural stone can also be made into any shape.

Sixth, suitable for design: the diversity of stone, no building material has rich colors and varieties like natural stone, and the surface treatment is unrestricted, architects and architects can use them to make full use of their imagination.

Seven, cost-effective: the long-term comprehensive cost of stone is low.

Eight, technological innovation: With the development of stone construction machinery, the application technology of stone in construction is becoming more and more mature.

Stone has natural and beautiful characteristics, so it is very eye-catching.