Craftsmanship Is The Way To Respond

The impact of environmental remediation is the inevitable result of the development of the extensive period of the stone industry, and some successful cases prove that technology and precision are the feasible way in the future, we understand the spirit of craftsman. Dongxing and Yingliang Stone of Shuitou are one of the benchmarks in the industry. From the process of upgrading raw materials to products, the chairman of Yingliang defines it as “the exploration of selling fabrics to selling clothes”, and the luxury stone pavilion of Dongxing It is nothing more than nothing. Its exhibition center displays sculptures and original stones at home and abroad. Stone enterprises must integrate it into all aspects of R&D, design, production, quality and other business management, always improving, pursuing product quality and excellence, and carving each product as a craft, carefully polishing, and tirelessly improving. Product technology. There are many natural laws that do not advance and retreat. When we have no way to retreat, it is better to go forward with all our strength. I think stone people are not born to be awaiting, or there will be no water headstones today. The miracle of having a "global quotation center" may be that there are a little bit of sentimentality in the natural planners, and more attracted by the qualities of stone people, such as: craftsmanship, this small series nonsense Very serious, welcome to come and think about the whole world (stone world)