Classification Of Granite

According to the type of minerals contained, it can be divided into black granite, muscovite granite, amphibolite granite, Yi Yun mother Granite, etc. according to structural structure, it can be divided into fine-grained granite, medium-grained granite, coarse-grained granite, porphyry granite, like porphyry granite, crystal-cave granite and black-sands granite and so on.

According to the included mineral, it can be divided into tin-stone granite, niobium-iron ore-bearing granite, beryllium-bearing granite, lithium-mica granite, tourmaline granite and so on. Common Petrochemical, Greisen, petrochemical and other self metamorphism. Granite is a kind of widely distributed rock, which is produced in every geologic epoch. The form is rock Foundation, rock strain, Rock bell and so on.