When the home decoration meets the marble and creates a light and luxurious texture, we are serious!

Today, with the changing of popular elements, the ability to remain is called a true classic, and marble is one of them.


From luxury locals to cool high-end beauty, from ready-to-wear brands to home brands, marble is pervasive, accounting for almost half of the fashion world. And this whirlwind never stops in space design.

This is a friend of Shi Shang’s heart. I should know that the hottest thing is marble. It is not only active in the fashion circle. It is also an active factor in the home environment. The 2018 Xiamen International Stone Fair has shown that it is not simple, and the future continues to be popular. The trend will also continue to ferment.

Living room trend

As an important gateway in the home environment, the living room not only carries the whole family, but also an important area for meeting guests. Its pattern is also very important.

The marble wall is the first place in the living space, so the decoration of the background wall is particularly difficult.

Restaurant trend

In the past restaurant design elements, mostly wooden furniture, to enhance the sense of warmth. But this is just the past, marble stone, in the restaurant can also win the visual sense of wooden furniture and tableware.

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The marble dining table and tea table are easy to match style, not awkward, with a wooden structure or brass to be more refreshing.


Kitchen trend

The marble itself has a neat visual effect, and the marbled kitchen gives a refreshing and clean sensory experience, which not only has a good visual effect, but also enhances happiness and cooking speed.


Image source 2018 Xiamen International Stone Exhibition site

Image source 2018 Xiamen International Stone Exhibition site

Bedroom trend

I never thought about integrating marble into the bedroom. I just thought that the bedroom itself was born for rest. The environment should be comfortable. But it was not thought that the marble was added to the bedroom instead of adding style. But it does not affect the rest environment, just like the power of water to soft.

The marble temperament is high and cold, and the color is mainly black and white, so the overall color is neutral. The rich texture and the bedding are combined. One soft and one tight, the contrast between the two is also reflected. A surprising sense of design.

Bathroom trend


Modern people's pursuit of life comfort is far beyond the ordinary imagination. There is also a saying that if you want to live in the comfort of the hotel, look at the design of the bathroom and you will know the result. It is also generally accepted that marble is the only bathroom that does not make a difference.

In the marble fashion trend, the more emphasis is on the sense of texture. The encounter between the bathroom and the marble is like a perfect blend of the teeth, and the deep but introverted marble pattern is also the embodiment of the ultimate in the bathroom.


Lighting trend


When the luminaire meets the marble, we are serious about the art, and even the lights become more dazzling. The staggering of light and shadow makes people feel that watching it quietly is a pleasure. Clear and regular cutting lines, or sleek or geometric shapes, are all after the big creative.