Varieties of granite

Decorative granite polished plate bright as the mirror, there is gorgeous and noble decorative effect. Common granite polishing plate varieties are:

Red Series

Sichuan Red, asbestos red, Cenxi red, tiger skin red, cherry red, flat guhong, du

Cuckoo red, rose, red, Lu Qinghong, Lianzhou Scarlet and so on.

Yellow Red Series

Cenxi Orange Red, East Red, Lianzhou Red, Xing Yang, Hing Yang Orange, red floret, cherry red, coral flower, Tiger peel and so on.

Grey Series

Baishihua, white Tiger Jian, black and white flowers, sesame white, gray, Lingnan Gray, Jinan Gray, Sichuan Gray, and so on.

Black Series

Turquoise Dark, black, sesame Black, Sichuan black, Yantai Black, Shenyang Black, Changchun black and so on.

Cyan Series

Sesame Green, Miyi green, fine Ma Qing, Jinan green, bamboo, chrysanthemum green, blue and white, green, Nanxiong green, climbing, etc.

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