The stone is a wall, born naturally.

The real buildings are all naturally inspired by local conditions. For example, in ancient times, the house was limited by various factors, and the local materials were integrated with the surrounding environment. This is the concept of the ancestors building houses - the road to Jane, which is precisely the most advanced architectural concept.

The modern cities composed of cement forests are all the same. Only in the corners of the city can some stone walls be seen. The original stones are only piled up, layered and layered, with natural simplicity and calmness. It’s the same.

Stones and stones, supported by each other, are a thick and strong wall. In the cracks of the stone, the vegetation and moss are one year old.

But the stone is still a stone, just like the love of a parent's life, the triviality of life, still lingering, and some people in the world are stable.

The stone wall hidden in the grass and wood is like a short poem of Tao Qian. The gap between words and words is dense and idyllic.

Returning the stone to nature, returning life to life, living in the heart, naturally born.