The most effective way to clean a variety of stains on stone

The vast majority of consumers are holding and loving and hating the natural stone. They love the nobleness and atmosphere of the stone. They also have a headache for how to choose the right marble and the later cleaning and maintenance at a reasonable price. Then come today to teach you how to best clean the stone.

Dairy pollution treatment of natural stone:

Dairy products (milk, butter, butter, etc.) contain animal fat. This kind of pollution will not only cause yellowing of the stone surface, but also stinky and stinky. Therefore, this kind of pollution should also be erased immediately. If the yellowing of the stone has been caused, the surface of the stone can be cleaned with a neutral detergent first, and then cleaned with a color remover (the same as the ink cleaning method).

Bathroom stone yellowing solution:

Tiles often have problems such as looseness and shedding during use. Because the cement mortar used in the pasting of tiles is not fast enough, and it is in a humid environment for a long time, it is easy to loosen and fall off. There is a method of using a resin-type adhesive to bond tiles, the strength can not only reach or exceed the strength of the body of the tile, but also does not cause falling off in a humid environment for a long time. The tiles in the bathroom are often stained with greasy, rust, soap and so on. In order to keep the porcelain surface clean and not damage the porcelain surface, you can use a multi-functional bathroom to clean. As for the gap between the tiles, you can use a brush to remove a little acid cleaner to remove dirt, and then brush a waterproof agent in the gap, so that it can not prevent water seepage and prevent mold growth.

Oily cosmetics for natural stone pollution treatment:

At present, due to the popularity of cosmetics, there have been many cosmetic contaminations, especially for oily cosmetics (such as lipstick, nail polish, etc.). The components of such pollutants are generally oil, dyes and waxes. It is also very difficult to clean up. If there are lipsticks, nail polish and other contaminants in the stone decoration surface of your home, you can use the sharp blade to hang the contaminants on the stone surface, then use the acetone detergent to wipe the surface of the cleaning stone.

Glue pollution treatment of natural stone:

Usually some of the glue contamination, if it is water-based glue, can be cleaned with a conventional washing solution. If it is some epoxy resin glue, marble glue, AB glue, instant glue and other pollution caused by surface hardening, it can be scraped off with a sharp blade, and the residual part can be removed with a wax remover.

Natural stone juice purification solution:

The purification of juices is the rarest purification of stone in daily home life, and the other is oil pollution. The stains of juices are not only a lot of colors, but also the pigments in the juice. If the long-term light is not eliminated, the yellowing of the stone surface will be formed. And many fruits are acidic things, such as orange juice, lemon, carambola, oranges, grapes, apples, etc., so the juice purification is not only the appearance of purifying the stone, but it will also corrode the appearance of the stone. Even the outer surface of the stone is infiltrated by the pores of the stone, especially with regard to limestone and marble, which will form the appearance of the stone. Therefore, if the stone is purified by the juice, it should be liquidated immediately. If it has been dyed or formed yellow, it can be cleaned with a neutral detergent. If the yellowing is still not washed, it can be removed by decolorizer. If the appearance of the stone has been corroded and loses its luster, it can be polished again with the polishing powder; if it is damaged, it should be consulted by Fuhai's professional stone maintenance personnel.