The magic of marble

Marble is a natural non-renewable raw material. As a decoration, it is very high-grade, and each piece of marble is different. It looks very textured. If you follow a long-term perspective, it is recommended not to use marble on the ground. There are several reasons for this, for your reference only. 1. When the marble floor is just installed, it is not the same as we are laying tiles. The black cement can be laid down. When laying marble, it is best to make waterproof adhesive underneath. When it is done before the factory, it should be waterproof to prevent construction. Dirty water droplets go in and suck in, destroying the overall effect. Moreover, when constructing, it is best to use white cement to prevent the impurities at the bottom from being sucked up by the marble, because the main structure of the marble is limestone, which is easy to absorb. This is not difficult for the construction, and many installation masters do not have such stone knowledge, just install it, regardless of the long-term consequences. 2. The marble floor needs to be maintained. Every other year or 2-3 years, a layer of protection is required. It is to make a crystal surface on the surface to prevent the rough parts from being repaired, waxed and polished. repair. These conservations are not small expenses. Every time they are cured, they are full of dust, and they have to move a lot of furniture. It is very troublesome, and when it is cured, it is not a day to finish, it is several days. The cost is not cost effective. 3. When decorating, since the marble is considered, the budget for the decoration is still very good. In fact, you can choose a good marble brick, so you don't have to worry about the future maintenance, scratching, etc. The marble floor is generally recommended as a hotel, and the clubhouse is suitable for use. The last time I went to a shopping plaza, the whole four floors were made of marble. I don’t know what Party A thinks. The shopping plaza has a large flow of people. It’s easy to scratch, and it’s so big. Shopping plaza, marble alone, not a few millions to come down, as far as the floor area is concerned. The cost is not cost-effective, and the future maintenance costs are even more substantial. Wanda Plaza in many cities, I don't know if you noticed it, Wanda's ground is artificial quartz stone, not expensive, and the hardness is very good, very wear-resistant, although the texture is not comparable to marble, but the cost is low, the future The protection is also extremely low. It seems that people are big companies, in the long run. In terms of cost control, it is better than the average shopping plaza.