The distribution of granite

China's granite mineral resources are also very rich, large reserves, many varieties. According to the survey data statistics, China's natural granite varieties of more than 100 species. Architectural decoration with granite its pattern, color characteristics and origin of raw materials named. One of the better has Henan Yanshi Chrysanthemum Green, Snowflake Green, in the cloud, Jinan, Shandong Jinan Green, Anyang Linzhou Linzhou Green, Linzhou green, green forest, asbestos asbestos in Sichuan, Jiangxi High Bean Green, Zhongshan, Guangdong Zhongshan Jade, Shanxi Ling Qiu's imperial Concubine Red, orange, hemp point white, green flowers, Huang and so on. Granite from the underground high-quality rock layer, after billions of years of natural aging, the form is extremely stable, do not worry about due to conventional temperature difference and deformation. Granite platform by strict physical testing and selection of granite material, crystallization of fine, hard texture. Because granite is non-metallic, no magnetic reaction, no plastic deformation. The granite platform has high hardness, so its accuracy is maintained well. Because granite often contains radioactive materials, the use of granite needs to measure its radiation level, and then confirm the use of the occasion.

China's granite resources are rich in variety, since ancient times in civil engineering in a large number of use. As facing stone, there are more than 40 kinds of Jinan green, the main origin is: Taishan, Laoshan, Huashan in Shaanxi, Xishan in Beijing and southern Fujian, etc.