Stone selection

Stone is mainly used in the field of architectural decoration. Compared with other decoration materials, the biggest feature is that stone belongs to natural minerals, and its unique decoration in many aspects such as color, texture, line and hardness. In addition to the type and color of the stone, the price, quality and durability of the stone are also the main considerations:

    I. Price: Stone belongs to natural ore. Different grades of stone will have significant differences in price due to their different quality, quantity, mining area and processing technology. This requires the owner and designer to select the appropriate stone according to the project budget. To do this, you should have a considerable understanding of the price of stone. At present, most of the domestic stone consumers have entered a misunderstanding: the stone with high price is good stone, or the imported stone is better than domestic stone.

    Of course, it should be affirmed that the imported blue diamond, Indian red and other stone unique decorative, with irreplaceable decorative effects. But we should also see: domestic stone such as Dahua Green, Baoxing White, Black and White Pine, Hangjie, Yixing Coffee, China Black and Fengzhen Black are not more than imported big green, Brazilian white, black and white pine, brown net The quality of stone such as grain and black stone is poor, and even some varieties are better than imported products.