Stone cabinets are more popular than wooden cabinets

First: environmental standards

Wooden cabinets are generally made of wood glued by chemical glue. They contain harmful ingredients more or less, such as formaldehyde, which we often hear, and stone cabinets, which are made of calcium powder and resin. High pressure pressing does not contain any ingredients that may cause environmental pollution.

Second: mildew

The kitchen is one of the heaviest areas in the home, and wood boards are more prone to mold and bacteria in humid environments. Not only does the appearance look bad, but it also affects the food stored in the cabinet. However, the stone cabinet has no possibility of causing mold growth because there is no ingredient that can cause bacterial growth.

Third: moisture resistance

The wooden cabinets are made of a layer of aluminum foil mats for use as moisture-proof, but the wooden cabinets are moisture-proof and waterproof. After the cabinets have been used for a long time, they are easily soaked with water and the cabinets are softened. The stone cabinet itself is moisture-proof and waterproof.

Fourth: fire performance

The kitchen as a heavy oil smoke, but also consider the fire performance, the wooden cabinet itself is flammable, does not have fire performance at all, the stone cabinet can be well fireproof and smokeproof.

Fifth: high temperature

The pot that has just come down from the top of the gas stove, if placed directly inside the wooden cabinet, it is easy to leave a burnt mark, and it is difficult to repair, the stone cabinet has no such concerns.

Sixth: cleaning

After cooking, many people have headaches to organize the kitchen. The stone cabinets are not only good for oil stains, but also can be washed directly with water. It is very convenient to clean. Relatively speaking, the wooden cabinets are more delicate and need to be screwed. Drying the rag gently, it is difficult to clean the kitchen with heavy smoke.