ShuiTou is intended to be a foreign trade stone display window

On the morning of November 10th, the Sino-Turkish Stone Industry Matchmaking Fair was held at the Stone Expo Exhibition Hall. Turkey Istanbul Stone Exporters Alliance Association (IMIB Association) led some Turkish mine owners to negotiate with the heads of stone enterprises such as Shuitou Dongsheng, Xinpengfei, Huahui, Guangming and other buyers.


At the meeting, the two sides exchanged views on mine resource control, cooperation credit and further cooperation.


The IMIB Association proposed to rent a site of 5000-6000 square meters for a long time in the Nanan Stone Industry Exhibition and Operation Center as a new platform for Turkish stone display.


The reporter learned from the organizers of the Shuitou Stone Fair that the next step, the Nanan Stone Industry Exhibition Operation Center will become the China Foreign Trade Center (hereinafter referred to as the Foreign Trade Center) of the Stone Expo, and will take full advantage of the sales of foreign trade stone. More than 50 stone leading enterprises will settle in, and a professional foreign trade sales team will be set up to avoid labor costs and management of the manufacturers, and save expenses for the settled enterprises.


The Foreign Trade Center accepts the entrusted sales of the enterprise. After the goods are sold, it is responsible for clearing the purchase price with the buyer, and settles the payment to the manufacturer within 7 working days after the goods are sold. The Foreign Trade Center will also establish a plate scanning information database to realize online sales and intelligent management.


In the event of accidents arising from the sale or warehousing of the goods, the Stone Expo and the Foreign Trade Center will provide credit guarantees. After the goods are lost, damaged or sold, the goods will not be received. The Stone Expo and the Foreign Trade Center will provide full credit guarantee.


The manufacturer can supervise the goods through the monitoring or information platform. If the goods status changes but the goods are not received, the manufacturer can make a complaint to the Stone Expo or the Foreign Trade Center. The Stone Expo and the Foreign Trade Center will have full credit guarantee.


It is reported that at this stone fair, there are 43 companies exhibiting in Turkey. Members of the IMIB Association said that they are very optimistic about the prospects of the Shitou Stone Expo and Shuitou's future stone, so they hope to increase the booth area to 5000-6000 square meters, as the release place of the new Turkish stone variety. The IMIB Association hopes that the number of exhibitors in Turkey will double in the next year.