Shanxi sandstone detail

Shanxi sandstone belongs to an environmentally-friendly decorative building material. Because of its colorful patterns, it penetrates the original and natural charm, and is full of a simple and elegant beauty, so it is deeply loved by designers and customers. Its application is also very extensive. Exterior wall decoration, background wall decoration, floor decoration... Shanxi sandstone material is brittle and can be carved. Many places of sculpture relief are processed with Shanxi sandstone. The thinness of Shanxi sandstone can be controlled at a minimum of 0.8cm, so many places are used for background wall decoration, that is, environmental protection and a natural atmosphere. After special protection, it can also achieve waterproof, dustproof and fireproof effects!

Sandstone buildings have the advantages of sound insulation, moisture absorption, and resistance to damage. In addition to many ancient classic buildings in foreign countries, the outer walls of many domestic villas will also use sandstone for exterior decoration. Moreover, China is a big country producing sandstone. Like Sichuan sandstone and sandstone in Shanxi, it has long been known by stone people. The color is yellow, white, gray, red, beige, beige, black, rainbow, coffee, wood grain and landscape. And a variety of color lines.