Marble is a treasure gifted

The marble brick is more upscale than the bread bricks and small square bricks. It is more natural and pure than the various bricks and antique bricks. If the home area is large enough, or is obsessed with the texture of various natural stone (marble bricks are professional imitation of natural marble lines) , that marble brick is a good choice.

The so-called heights focus on the low start. We collected textures from several major natural marbles, and examples of applications of marble or marble tiles in bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. After we had opened our eyes, when we went to the market to select marble tiles, we learned what kind of patterns were good. Good quality. Marble is a treasure gifted by nature to humans. It has beautiful colors and patterns. Unfortunately, it has limited output, and it has many discomforts in the kitchen, bathroom, and living room (such as radiation problems, non-impermeability, poor wear resistance, and of course, hardness There is price).