If you want to invest in stone mines and processing plants, you should understand the process!

Stone is one of the earliest materials used in construction and has relatively good durability. Many of the world's old buildings are made of stone as the main building material, and stone is still commonly used in today's built environment. The natural stone structure is uniform, the texture is hard, wear-resistant, the color is beautiful, and the appearance color can be maintained for more than 100 years. Because of its unique physical characteristics and its beautiful pattern, it has become a good material for the building. Many of the advantages of stone are that other materials cannot be replaced. Stone supply industry is a large industrial chain: the early stage includes stone resource excavation, geological exploration, mining, raw material transportation, stone trade, stone processing, product transportation, etc., later will involve mechanical processing, architectural decoration, decorative design, stone Variety selection, physical and chemical indicators testing, construction and installation, etc.;

Large stone suppliers are usually large stone professional companies integrating mining, processing, engineering, import and export trade. In order to ensure the smooth development of the follow-up work of the stone curtain wall project, ensure the high-quality and timely supply of the curtain wall stone, choose the stone supply unit with mine, certain reserve of reserves, strong processing capacity and comprehensive strength to conduct on-the-spot investigation, which is the building curtain wall stone. An important work done before the board is ordered.

To inspect building stone panels, you need to understand the process flow of stone processing, and determine the important concerns of the inspection according to the process flow.