How to maintain the stone after renovation

It is not easy for people who have never heard of the industry about how to renovate and maintain the stone. Once I am familiar with the industry, I am very familiar with how to refurbish and maintain the stone. Hotel, KTV hall, when the family began to decorate the marble, the floor is very rough and uneven, and even it is easy to be cut by the tool during the decoration process, so the marble must be refurbished and maintained at this time. Bao Liangjie has certain experience in stone renovation and maintenance. Let's share it with everyone: 1. The first thing we have to do is to cut the mouth, which means the seaming. First, clean the seams so that when the glue is next, it will not stain the glue and affect the appearance. 2. After the glue is completely cleaned (about 5 minutes), it can be polished, from rough grinding to fine grinding. The sewage generated during grinding should be cleaned up with a vacuum cleaner before the next process can be carried out. Generally, six passes are required. 3. Crystallization, after crystallization, crystallize with crystal powder, spread the crystal powder evenly on the surface of the marble, then paste it on the mill with a red pad, sprinkle a little water, and evenly polish for one minute, which can improve the brightness of the marble. 4, polishing, that is, crystal surface production, is the most important procedure in the renovation and maintenance of stone, it is best to wait for the stone to be polished, after 24 hours, the stone is completely dry and then polished, otherwise the stone is easy to black, long Water spots. 5, on the post-maintenance, if it is a hotel, KTV, it is recommended to maintain once a week, because there are many people in public places, the stone crystal face will gradually become matt, even worn out; as for the family, office buildings, etc., can be maintained for half a year once.