How to do the stone industry?

Credit is the norm, most factories die from credit. Since last year, the stone processing industry has begun to decline, which has a lot to do with real estate regulation. Shopping malls, five-star hotels, dance halls, etc. are basically saturated in some big cities, and these projects are also decreasing year by year, so we are also transforming the key to develop the home improvement market. In the past, the amount of engineering used was relatively high, and I was not willing to do home improvement work. The stone factory is a perennial procurement platform for the decoration company, so the decoration company will often have debts. Moreover, the checkout is uncertain. Basically, some advance payment is given first. For example, when the proportion reaches 200,000, part of it will be paid. If the total amount is 80%, the final payment will be paid after the final 20%. If the real estate agent does not come under the loan, the decoration company's money will not be settled, so the downstream material supplier will help to pay the payment. Although we are all signing contracts, most of them will not follow the terms of the contract. In many cases, it is normal for a project to be paid for several million yuan. The final account is a problem. Once the owed money can't come back, the capital turnover can't be opened. Many people choose to borrow the usury loan. When they borrow the usury loan, they will also pay the workers every month. If the debts are not returned for a short time, the interest on the usury will not be available. . Some factories and big real estate developers have a particularly good business, because the project has failed to settle down, so it is necessary to control the cash flow. For the problem of arrears, people in the industry basically do not go through legal procedures, and rarely hear about legal procedures. Because we cooperate with real estate developers and belong to Party B, there is not so much right to speak. The reason for market competition is only the power to be selected, so sometimes there will be cases of grabbing orders. The personal home decoration of the stone processing industry, which is about to be shuffled, is the market that the whole stone factory prefers. In addition to the high profits, the home improvement project will not be in arrears. In addition, I would like to give you a suggestion. If it is a large amount of decoration stone in your home, go to the stone factory to purchase it yourself. It is much cheaper than the decoration company. The decoration company is particularly high in material price increase. Last year's stone processing market was very bleak overall. I didn't make any money myself. It was basically flat, and there were many cases of bankruptcy in the market. This is a situation that has never been seen before, so I think the stone processing market will be reshuffled. The small scale can't make the factory that controls the cash flow slowly die. The big decoration company will gradually integrate the upstream and downstream materials resources. For example, the material suppliers such as wood stone specialize in supplying a decoration company, so the whole industry chain The one-stop service is all down. Change business business notes: 1. The stone processing industry has a large amount of venture capital investment. The one-time investment of several million in the early stage can only be a small business, and the late mortgage is a bad injury. 2. It is the normal state of the industry to make arrears in engineering. The decoration companies that are cooperating all the year round are acquaintances, and those who owe money are also acquaintances. 3. The cash flow will not be well controlled, and the layman will die. The whole industry is facing a major reshuffle.