How to choose Granite

1, check the stone provided by the natural stone, its material performance is satisfied or better than natural granite (/7974-2001)

2, Quality testing requirements: The shape of the size of the specified value or allow the deviation of long ≤±1mm, wide, thick ±1mm, surface smoothness specified value or allowable deviation value ≤0.5mm, diagonal specified value or allowable deviation value ≤0.5mm.

3, granite Platform appearance quality is excellent, block material color, chromatic aberration, pattern is reconciled, uniform.

4, the platform surface is missing, lack of angle, cracks, color spots, color lines, pits appearance defects.

5, the platform surface is brushing six stone protective coating, to ensure that the stone waterproof, anti-fouling performance.

6, whether the stone material through the National Stone Quality Monitoring Center of the relevant testing, including physical, radioactive, freezing and thawing, and has a close inspection report.

7. Stone origin and name.

From the quality point of view, the gap between domestic stone and imported stone is not large, but the price is much less. The main reason is that the import of stone more rich in change, more decorative, that is to say, the import of stone to look good. The gap in this process is not immediately eliminated, and Chinese manufacturers are trying to narrow the gap. In practicality, domestic stone can be said to have no less than imported stone.