Evaluation method of Marble

Select the grade: According to the size of the allowable deviation, flatness and angle allowable tolerances, as well as the appearance of quality, surface finish and other indicators, marble plate is divided into excellent products, first-class products and qualified products three grades; The grading and identification of marble plates is identified mainly through the detection of instruments and gauges.

Check the appearance of quality: different grades of marble plate appearance. Because marble is naturally formed, defects are unavoidable. At the same time, the quality of processing equipment and measuring tools is also the cause of plate defects. Some plate body is not plump (warping or concave), the board has defects (cracks, sand holes, color spots, etc.), the plate size is different (such as the lack of angular, plate body is not) and so on. According to national standards, all grades of marble plates are allowed to have a certain flaw, but the top product is not so obvious.

Choose pattern Color: the marble plate is colorful, the hue is diverse, the pattern is not identical, this is the marble plank precious charm lies. Tonal basically consistent, the color difference is small, the pattern esthetic is the fine variety concrete performance, otherwise will seriously affect the adornment effect.

Detection of surface Gloss: the surface gloss of marble plates will greatly affect the decorative effect. In general, high-quality marble plate polishing surface should have a mirror-like luster, can clearly reflect the scene. However, the different quality of marble due to different chemical composition, even the same level of products, its gloss difference will be very large. Of course, the same material different grades between the surface gloss will also have a certain difference. In addition, the strength of marble plate, water absorption rate is also an important index to evaluate the quality of marble.