Common stone care methods

As a relatively high-grade building material, stone needs to be maintained and treated from time to time.

Whether it is a new stone or a refurbished stone, the stone will be worn more or less as time goes by. At this time, professional care of the stone is required. In general, there are several ways to care:

Water cleaning

Clean water cleaning is an effective and inexpensive method. However, it is worth noting that when cleaning the stone with clean water, it is necessary to pay great attention to the amount of water used, because if you do not grasp the water consumption slightly, it will cause water spots on the stone.

2. Surface brightener care

Stone surface brighteners can also be used in the daily care of stone, but this lightening effect varies from stone to stone and has limited effect.

3. Surface dusting care

In daily life, the surface of the stone often has some shells, footprints and dust, such as hotels. These debris will affect the appearance and affect the gloss of the stone surface. At this time, it is necessary to use dust to clean these debris in time.

4. Surface anti-skid care

Whether it is ceramic tiles or stone, it will face the anti-slip problem on the surface, and their anti-skid is related to the safety of family members. Therefore, the water surface of the stone surface must be cleaned in time, and the anti-slip property of the stone surface should be increased.

5. Surface waxing care

Waxing the surface of the stone is a relatively traditional method of care. The advantage is that the price is low and the construction method is simple, but it also has some notable places. For example, the ground stone waxing treatment should use liquid wax instead of solid wax because solid Wax will make the stone slippery, which can easily cause people to slip and fall.

6. Protection treatment

In general, the stone used for decoration will have a stone protectant, which can protect the stone from being harmed by pollutants in a certain period of time, thereby prolonging the life of the stone. However, the quality of the stone protectant, the use environment or the impact of the construction, so it is necessary to regularly carry out the protective agent construction.

7. Surface crystallization care

The crystallization care of the stone surface not only improves the surface decoration effect of the stone, but also improves the decorative level of the stone. Therefore, it is widely used in stone care. So what advantages does it have?

1 improve the hardness of the stone, but also improve the wear resistance of the stone surface;

2 increase the gloss and look of the stone surface;